About us

The Seed

The Seed: Nature Remedies is the brainchild of brothers Daniel and Jeremy Zetouny, thought up when Daniel finished his studies as a Natural Medicine Consultant from the PanAmerican University of Natural Medicine & Sciences, located in the beautiful Caribbean island of Nevis. Both of the brothers love to travel, and were thinking of how to combine this love with Daniel’s passion for natural health. Thus, the first seeds of Nature Remedies were planted!

Daniel is the CEO and head of Product Development, and is the vision behind the platform, as well as an avid yoga practitioner. Jeremy, the COO, comes from a background of content management and public relations, and enjoys long-distance swimming in his free time. Together, the two of them have huge plans to change the world!

The Tree

Nature Remedies connects wellness experts and clients around the world via video sessions and in-depth content via a dedicated marketplace. The platform offers HD video consultations in a plethora of fields, including natural health, natural cosmetics, nutrition, CBD education, wellness and mindset and more. Our article database features a wealth of articles from leading experts in their field, and aims to educate on natural and healthy living and lifestyle.

The Flowers

Daniel and Jeremy have a great vision for Nature Remedies to be the world’s leading tele-wellness platform and a massive resource for the natural wellness field. In the future, Nature Remedies will offer courses, integrations, seminars and more, in a bid to educate as many people as possible on how to live their best and healthiest life!