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Jessica Boscarini

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Position: Holistic Health Coach
Specialty: Breastfeeding consulting , Pre/Post natal health , Weight management , Digestive health, Food sensitivities, Eating disorders
Languages: English
Fee: $100
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Specialty Breastfeeding consulting , Digestive health, Eating disorders, Food sensitivities, Pre/Post natal health , Weight management


Hi there! My name is Jessica Boscarini and I am a Mom to 3 littles ones, as well as the Founder of Healthy Fit Fab Moms. I’m also a Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Chef and Fitness Instructor – so I have made it my job to be healthy!

However, my path to health actually started when I was a young girl, growing up as a competitive gymnast. I also played numerous other sports in Jr. High and High School, my favorite of which was a competitive surfer. Unfortunately, as many adolescents do, I struggled with an eating disorder and quickly became aware that my ideas of health weren’t going to get me where I wanted to be.

Through this experience, I began to study nutrition and soon fell in love with the idea of helping others experience food in a healthier light. I made it my mission to make good-for-you foods taste better, as well as to help teach others that health is a lifestyle – not just a meal, diet, or quick fix. We all need balance and through the use of functional movement and exercise, stress reduction, emotional well-being, and of course, nutrition, we can create a healthier and ultimately happier life!

As a Mom, I know first-hand that this can seem all but impossible, and is why I want to teach women of all ages and stages that while yes, family is important, you can’t take good care of them unless you take care of you first!

Everyone deserves to feel their best – on both the inside and out – and with the proper mindset, this is indeed possible! Let me help you find the best version of you!

Jessica Boscarini

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