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Sara Sumic

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Position: Skin Health Coach
Specialty: Skin health, Skincare for adult acne, Microbiome friendly skincare, Natural skincare
Languages: Croatian, English, Norwegian
Video Fee: $149
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Specialty Microbiome friendly skincare, Natural skincare, Skin health, Skincare for adult acne


Hi gorgeous! I am Sara Sumic, a molecular biologist and former scientist helping women get clear, healthy and glowing skin, especially those struggling with adult acne.

My background has allowed me to understand how the skin works on a molecular level, and use that knowledge to not only heal my own acne but also help hundreds of other women get their best skin yet.

My focus is first on restoring healthy skin, or rather what I call Healthy Trio: Strong skin barrier, optimal skin’s pH and balanced skin microbiome, then gently tackling any skin issues you might have. This will ensure that you are on the right path to clear, naturally glowing and youthful skin with minimal effort and investment.

So, perhaps you are struggling with adult acne and nothing has really worked yet (trips to dermatologists, prescription topicals, antibiotics, birth control pills, over-the-counter acne treatments, etc)?

Or maybe you are just utterly confused with skincare, and your skin seems to be aging rapidly or simply struggling (while you continue to waste your money)?

Then you and I need to chat ASAP!

Many of us actually don’t realize how much damage we can do simply with our skin care. Our skincare matters! When done wrong, it makes acne worse, it weakens and dulls the skin, and it speeds up skin aging. Regardless of how expensive it may be, whether it’s natural or not.

Now, I am here to share all of my knowledge with you, to help you understand what works, and what doesn’t and take the necessary steps towards healthy and clear skin for life.

We will do that via the 1-on-1 online session, but you will also get lifetime access to my online course, Skin Rebalancing Protocol, and all its future updates, which will provide you with even more information than we can cover during our session.

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