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Miranda Meyer

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Position: Master Nutrition Therapist
Specialty: Food sensitivities, Autoimmune conditions, Blood sugar regulation, Detoxification, Digestive health
Languages: English
Fee: $75
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Specialty Autoimmune conditions, Blood sugar regulation, Detoxification, Digestive health, Food sensitivities


Miranda Meyer is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist and owner of Food For Thought Nutrition Therapy. After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, Miranda noticed her energy levels and general health declining as she pursued a graduate school program. With the help of a Naturopath and certified nutritionist, Miranda learned how her diet was destroying her health and learned to use food and supplements to rebalance her body. The results were life changing, and she went on to pursue a career in holistic nutrition.

She graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in 2012 as a certified Master Nutrition Therapist. Miranda has also completed several continuing education courses in Functional Medicine, including Functional Blood Chemistry; Mastering the Thyroid; The Development and Aging of the Brain; The Neuroendocrine Immunology of Environmental Triggers; and The Gluten, Leaky Gut, and Autoimmune Connection.

Miranda Meyer worked as a clinical nutritionist in functional medicine offices for several years before deciding to open her own practice. She is passionate about educating and empowering others, and believes that access to good nutrition is a right, not a privilege! She continues to explore ways to further her own health and wellbeing, including hiking, yoga, group fitness, and cooking.

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