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Sepi Zoufonoun

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Position: Functional Nutrition Therapist
Specialty: Mental health, Digestive health, Weight management , Blood sugar regulation, Natural skincare
Languages: English, Farsi
Fee: $100
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Specialty Blood sugar regulation, Digestive health, Mental health, Natural skincare, Weight management


Hello, I am Sepi Zoufonoun and I am the creator of Carbon46. Carbon46 was born out of a love inspired by chemistry. The chemistry of nutrients and their relationship with our bodies. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) with reverence for the connections that deepen when cooking together and sharing meals with our friends and family, I draw on the experience I gained in creating healthy, healing meals at my parents’ side, and learning to create home remedies from our garden.

Through this, I came to understand the health benefits that specific foods and food combinations confer, the importance of knowing where your food comes from, and the value of home remedies passed down through generations. My fascination didn’t end with what the rich and beautiful Persian culture had to offer, but also with many other cultures and how they use elements in nature to nurture themselves back to health.

This inevitably compelled me to live a life of not only clean eating but clean living, and achieve a balanced, holistic lifestyle. Because food is healing on so many levels, I want to nurture and support you in experiencing a positive, beautiful relationship with food, and living a healthier, richer life!

Sepi Zoufonoun

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