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Anna Svedberg

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Position: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Specialty: Gut health, Intuitive eating, Mindfulness
Languages: English, Swedish
Video Fee: $125
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Specialty Gut health, Intuitive eating, Mindfulness


Hi there! My name is Anna Svedberg and I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition & Health Coach and founder of Nourished With Anna. I help women master their gut health through simple and effective steps in order to regain energy, confidence and happiness.

Going through a bad relationship with food, I damaged my gut health and digestive wellness. That in turn led to constantly feeling tired, self-conscious, and moody. Then I found yoga, which was the gateway into my healing.

From my yoga practice, I also developed a passion for nutrition and especially how real and wholesome foods can heal your gut.
By practicing yoga and mindfulness, while at the same time focusing on eating more real and wholesome foods was very transformative for me. I was feeling more energized, positive and free.

Determined to stick with my new lifestyle, I also developed a passion for supporting others with mastering their gut health and digestive wellness. And doing so in a simple, yet effective way, where there’s no room for deprivation, counting calories or following a strict diet.

Instead, we’ll focus on a combination of integrating more real, delicious and wholesome foods in combination with intuitive eating and mindfulness that fits your unique lifestyle, goals and interests.

You can find me at Nourished With Anna.

With love,
Anna Svedberg


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