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Would you like to become a consultant on Nature Remedies? We are always looking to add more consultants to our growing list of experts. Joining up is free, you are able to set your own schedule and can work from anywhere you want to. To sign up, just send us a message on our contact page.

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Set your own schedule and availability – Work when it’s comfortable for you, even out of office hours. Are you an early bird? A night owl? With Nature Remedies, you can receive clients from all around the world at any hours!

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Work remotely – Why limit yourself to one location, when you can offer your expert advice from anywhere in the world? From a relaxing beach atmosphere to the urban grind, Nature Remedies lets you work from wherever you are!

set your rate

Set your own rates – You are in charge of determining how much you get paid for your expert advice and consultations, not us. This gives you ultimate flexibility as you get to decide what your sessions are worth!

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Gain exposure to new clients – Millions of people visit Nature Remedies every month, so what better way to boost your brand and your outreach than offering video sessions? Write great content to attract even more people!

Interested in become a wellness content writer?

Even if you don’t have the aforementioned qualifications, you can still contribute! We’re always looking for content writers and bloggers to produce fresh and innovative articles on natural health, natural beauty, wellness and wellbeing.  Nature Remedies will help you expand your brand and your outreach as you will reach millions of readers every month.